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July 8, 2003 Kevin Whitby: You're full of fire and don't want to… - Mobiliavis RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Mar. 19th, 2004|10:21 pm]
Mobiliavis RPG

July 8, 2003
Kevin Whitby: You're full of fire and don't want to go.

July 9, 2003
Pansy Parkinson: Travelling in circles.
Graham Pritchard: Traced patience.
Draco Malfoy: Dust and sunlight.

July 15, 2003
Grayer Avery: Monday through Sunday.

July 20, 2003
Blaise Zabini: Sometimes you fail in more ways than you imagine.
B. Zabini: Impersonations, reflected.

July 22, 2003
G. Avery: The manifesto of cremation.

July 24, 2003
K. Whitby: Till I hear it from you.
P. Parkinson: Mixing memory and desire.

July 30, 2003
Daphne Greengrass: She knows a handful of phrases.

July 31, 2003
P. Parkinson & K. Whitby: Log, late afternoon, Marcus's family home.
K. Whitby: Nothing like you.
G. Pritchard & B. Zabini: Brushing past the beams.

August 1, 2003
P. Parkinson: It's like breathing.
D. Malfoy & B. Zabini: Chilled like wine. Log, evening, Malfoy Manor.

August 4, 2003
P. Parkinson: An old lady who swallowed a fly.
K. Whitby: Won't let you remember.

August 22, 2003
K. Whitby: Now my friend, what a cruel thing to pretend.

August 26, 2003
G. Pritchard: Transparence, translucence, and the spectrum of raindrops.

August 30, 2003
P. Parkinson: In their sulfur loveliness, in their smiles.

September 6, 2003
B. Zabini: At least stillness is eternal.

September 12, 2003
B. Zabini: They think that I used to love you.

September 18, 2003
Seamus Finnigan: All in the timing.

October 12, 2003
D. Greengrass: Asleep on pins.

October 19, 2003
P. Parkinson: Baudelaire, Hitler, and smiling when you get presents.

November 11, 2003
D. Greengrass: But you're still alive.

January 8, 2004
D. Greengrass: Daphne is wearing her new pair of earrings.

February 8, 2004
G. Pritchard: Train as symmetrical composition.
P. Parkinson & K. Whitby: Log, late afternoon, Millicent's apartment.

February 11, 2004
K. Whitby: And if you finally breathing, sing this song loud.

February 19, 2004
S. Finnigan: Just to reach you.

March 17, 2004
P. Parkinson: The grandiloquent truth of gestures.
S. Finnigan: Take your time take a breath.

March 24, 2004
D. Greengrass: My heart in my lap.

March 29, 2004
P. Parkinson & D. Malfoy: Log, early evening, Malfoy Manor.

April 1, 2004
P. Parkinson: The shortening days of winter. [AU]
P. Parkinson & K. Whitby: Log, early afternoon, London Stadium.

April 5, 2004
D. Malfoy: Flashbulbs and flute glasses.

April 7, 2004
P. Parkinson: I do not think they will sing to me.

April 13, 2004
G. Avery: Up with the sweep.

May 14, 2004
D. Malfoy & P. Parkinson: Of was and when. Canon backstory.

January 17, 2005
G. Pritchard: Bonnie and Clyde.