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2. GAME RULES Players are not encouraged to reveal their… - Mobiliavis RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 1st, 2003|02:27 pm]
Mobiliavis RPG
  • Players are not encouraged to reveal their identities, i.e. no linking to OOC journals or dropping real names. We would like to keep the game separate from OOC life as much as possible.

  • Every played character has his/her own LJ, which is used like a personal online journal. It may also contain narrative entries set off by [ brackets ] and links to important RP logs. Backstory and AU drabbles are welcomed in the OOC community. OOC comments should not be posted in the character journals.

  • Because of the plot-based nature of this game, all drastic actions should be undertaken with caution. While surprises are interesting, mobiliavisooc is a good place to alert players of events that will specifically affect their characters.

  • User icons are mildly regulated. We ask that you not use anime or celebrity images (which include those of real Harry Potter actors) because we feel that their familiarity takes away from your character's literary voice. We also ask that icons not be animated or contain illegible or gaudy text.

  • The quality of your posts is much more important than their frequency, but going more than four weeks without posting will mean that you have left the game, unless you have notified the mods in advance. If you play more than one character, one post from any of them is sufficient for the four-week period.